Here’s the success stories of a few who found a job through JobStreet:
                        Cheow Hee Cheng
                        IT Executive |
                        Member since: 2005

                        “I would recommend JobStreet.com to my friends as it works.”

                        Alizah Yusoff
                        Executive, Marcom
                        Event | Marketing
                        Member since: 2011

                        “JobStreet.com’s career fairs, career talk and resume clinics have really helped me in my job search and interviews.”

                        Ahmad Azlan
                        Landscape Architect | Architecture
                        Member since: 2009

                        “JobStreet.com constantly informs me about vacancies updates of jobs that are related to my qualification and work via emails. It saves me time from browsing the job list. Apart from that, it works!”

                        Mohd Yusri Bakri
                        IT Project Manager | IT
                        Member since: 2003

                        “I like JobStreet.com because it has given me the chance to prove to myself and to others via showcasing my skills and past top performance. It has helped me grow my career from the bottom to new heights I would have never imagined. It has also helped the productivity of our country too.”

                        Thilaga K Ganapathy
                        Technical Writer | IT
                        Member since: 2000

                        “JobStreet.com is really convenient to the jobseekers. It allows us to easily apply for jobs, submit resumes and obtain application statuses with interview appointments all at our finger tips. Thanks to their online job application management tool.”

                        Worked at

                        “It’s holiday mood here in Seychelles as Christmas is widely celebrated here. Now the plant that I am working in is having a two-week shutdown for maintenance and it’s quiet in the office. We are grateful for the opportunity that was given to us when JobStreet selected me as one of the candidates for this job in Seychelles.

                        It has brought to us a change in direction in our lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Thank you JobStreet for being truly professional in your services and advices. Good luck for 2009 and for many more years to come. With best wishes from us in Seychelles. Best regards.”

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                        Nor Azura
                        HR Executive | HR
                        Member since: 2010

                        “JobStreet.com is very convenient, easy to search for jobs and location that you want. It always alert me on vacancies available.”

                        Lim Wing Hooi
                        News Editor | Media
                        Member since: 2003

                        “I like JobStreet.com because it has reputable employers and it’s easy to search for the companies too!”

                        Stacey Fong
                        Senior Hotel Manager | Hospitality
                        Member since: 2006

                        “It’s easy to search, register and quick to match our choices. It also keeps us connected to most jobs.”

                        Marcus K. K. Chan
                        Executive – Human Resource and
                        Admin Department

                        “I have been using JobStreet.com since I first started my career. I found my first job through them and subsequently another two jobs as well over a span of 8 years. It is a fact that JobStreet.com never fails to change people’s life through a better career. In fact I found my current job through JobStreet.com too.”

                        Juzaili Noor
                        Arabic Speaking Executive | Customer Service
                        Member since: 2004

                        “JobStreet.com has brought me to where I am now. It fulfilled my life. I started from scratch to working in a colourful work place now. Till today, I am a frequent user of the job site even though I won’t leave my job. I surf to keep abreast of the new offers from ‘Lina’ alerts. Thank you JobStreet.com and my employer too.”

                        Fadhirul Anuar
                        Executive, Management Reporting | Administration
                        Member since: 2007

                        “It is the best foundation and landmark to assist individuals to grow in their career enhancement and development. At the same time, they are able to obtain their very own expected salary and remuneration package.

                        On top of that, JobStreet.com’s service can be considered as ‘tip top’ in a way of how they engage or liaise with jobseeker like me. For example by sending notification daily. The tips on self development really help! Keep it up JobStreet.com, I believe you can be one of the top ranking organizations.”

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                        Salina Ismail
                        Operations Manager | Customer Service
                        Member since: 2000

                        “There are a lot of opportunities available on JobStreet.com from fresh graduate jobs to senior level jobs. All of my job applications are applied there, it really works and helpful. From a rating of 1 to 10, I will give JobStreet.com a rating of 10 as it’s an excellent job site in Malaysia. I will probably use JobStreet.com for my entire working life.”

                        T. Puvaneswaran
                        HR Administrator | HR
                        Member since: 2002

                        “JobStreet.com gives me the opportunity to get to know a lot about MNC companies in Malaysia that I’m not aware of. It also guides me to move further in my career and to achieve my goals. Thanks for being such a useful online job portal for the jobseekers!”



                        “It is good that JobStreet.com is assisting people who look out for better opportunities to improve their career. It is also very good to know that there are so many companies that are hiring their staff by putting their trust in JobStreet.com. I never miss to go through every advertisement sent to me by email. Thanks and keep up your good work.”


                        “It was fascinating to participate in your value website. It took me less than a week to get the job. In fact, there was a counter offer as QAQC Manager. I am doing fine and the company is stable and growing rapidly. Good luck to JobStreet.com and happy working! Thank you.”


                        “JobStreet.com is a good job searching tool. The job categories are well organized and easy to search through, and I am happy to find a better job. Thank you very much to JobStreet.com.”


                        “I find you very useful and supportive. I got my first job in a reputed MNC from JobStreet only. Keep up the good work, JobStreet Team!!”


                        “I have been working since four years ago with the help of JobStreet. I feel it is doing very good service. I always want to be with JobStreet as far as my carrier is concerned. Thanks and regards.”


                        “I have been using JobStreet for the past one year and I find the information to be good, clear and frequently updated. Your best feature is the variety of job types for me to choose from. Internet recruitment can be trusted.”


                        “Now, I know that my time spent in browsing through the articles in JobStreet was priceless. The search tips, FAQs, resume writing tips, interview tips and knowing the application status all really helped me to be prepared in submitting a resume and to attend the interviews.”

                        Ban Lee

                        “Hi JobStreet, I’m 53 years old and have just been employed as a Senior Aftermarket Administrator. I have been using your very informative and conducive website for seven months before finding this job. It is a permanent job which offers me prospects and a longer employment oppportunity.

                        I only wish older users/members like myself can get a permanent job sooner.”

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                        “Your service is superior to most other job application portals because of its outstanding ability to report application status. I am very impressed with it and I cannot understand how the world was able to live with the earlier format of sending applications into cyberspace without any idea of what is happening with it.

                        I am recommending your portal to all my friends. I like what you have now which is very very good.”

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                        “I found the team from JobStreet most helpful and informative; sharing their experiences and expertise with those affected by the slowdown in the global economy. Though I have been fine tuning my resume on many other occasions and having spoken to many headhunters before, none have come close to the assistance that has been extended by JobStreet’s staff.

                        …..I now am getting more hits on my profile and have 4 interviews lined up over the next 1 1/2 weeks since I attended the clinic.”
                        Read Ravi’s Story >

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                        Sharon Yoa

                        “I have been using JobStreet.com’s services for the past 3 years and I find that the dedication granted to me was excellent!! JobStreet employees are excellent, especially Syarifah. She has done a wonderful job in helping me with Job Descriptions and ensuring my ads go up as soon as possible.

                        I have closed quite a number of positions and I know my relationship with JobStreet.com, my recruitment partner, is here to stay.”

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                        “Believe it or not, I got a job within seven days of using JobStreet.com! Internet recruitment can work wonders. It’s amazing, you have given me the confidence to apply online. My job as a senior communication systems executive has turned my career life almost 180 degrees.

                        My previous career did not bring me job satisfaction and career improvement but my current company not only allows me to discover my hidden talents but also allows me to GROW with the company. JobStreet, please continue doing the great job of getting people connected to their dream job!”

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